Evolve. Embrace. Reinvent. That’s the theme of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists’ 27th annual convention.

The focus of this gathering is to prepare journalists for our changing industry. There will be hands-on workshops and panels. Job hunters will be chatting up recruiters from dozens of companies at the Media & Career Expo. But along with the serious stuff, there will also be fun: This year’s convention is in San Juan, P.R.

The four-day event kicks off Wednesday, June 24, and runs through Saturday, June 27. And we’ll be there to bring you the action.

There’s a pre-event party for those who arrive today, June 23 — a “Midnight Splash” Beach Party at 9:30 p.m. We happen to be arriving on Noche de San Juan, the night before the day that honors St. John the Baptist, the island’s patron saint. The convention’s main hotel, the Caribe Hilton, is hosting festivities on the beach. Journalists will get the chance to do what the locals do all across Puerto Rico at the stroke of midnight — throw themselves backwards into the water nine times to wash away those evil spirits.

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