Is e-mail antiquated? At the close of the Nerd Network core conversation, Susan Zellmann-Rohrer of EMC², said as much. Her college student son only prefers to be contacted by text or by tweet. E-mail, he says, is so old-fashioned. Twittering allows people to have a flock and people are hungry for an entourage, Zellmann-Rohrer said. The future could become more visual in scope, she said, a relative stream of consciousness with flip cameras providing a twitter like feed.

Deirdre Walsh, Community Development Lead at National Instruments said that Twittering used to be a way to cut through the internet noise, but more often now it seems to contribute to the general cacophony of the web. But she did mention that via twitter, 14-year-old high school students from all over the country were communicating with engineers with 20 years experience to discuss best practices during the recent aeronautic competition. A strange connection, but a startling example of the power of tweet.

Question: When was the last time you wrote someone a letter with a paper and a pen? If e-mail is now antiquated-does that make this form of communication extinct?

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