Kent Brewster lists his education at the University of Hard Knocks, 1961-present, as his sole qualification for what it is that he does: Technology Evangelist for Yahoo. At least that’s his title for the next five days before he takes his punk rock, no holds barred approach to Netflix. At the beginning of his talk, “Kick-ass mash-ups and punk rock APIs,” Brewster warned that what he was about to lecture on was certifiably insecure and unauthorized. He further warned it was a generally bad, scary idea. You could literally feel a shock of excitement from the 100 developers and programmers in the Hilton Hotel conference room. It basically came down to Sterile APIs vs. Generative APIs, Mainstream vs. Punk. And one thing is certain: Brewster has a black-belt in DIY jujitsu Punk.

He then demonstrated his prowess using Yahoo Pipes to strip information from various sites. It’s listed on his blog here:  More notes from the talk here at Jeffrey Barke’s site.

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