By Jego Armstrong

((Sorry for the delay in posting anything to this site but were just able to get internet service.))

Saturday, June 12 — After 15 long hours of flying – and I mean loooong hours – we landed in Joburg at around 8:50 a.m. local time (2:50 a.m. ET). I would love to say the excitement started immediately buuuut…

As not to right several long paragraphs, I’ll give you a short, bulletpoint version:

*Took me forever to get my last piece of luggage
*Took over an hour for the vodaphone people to tell us that their 3G card is not compatible with the laptop we had
*Then it took us another hour just to get the rental car (oh, and before that, we were told that the ONE ticket machine that was available at the airport – that’s right, FIFA gave Joburg’s international airport one ticket machine for during the World Cup – was out of service. We had to drive to a mall to retrieve them.)
*It took us an hour to get to the mall because Dollar rental in Joburg doesn’t give out GPS.
*Took us an hour to get to this mall that is technically only 15 minutes away.
*Then it took us another hour-plus just to get the damn ticktets. Oh yeah…FIFA only gave this place one ticket machine as well.
*After working out magic by sneaking up the line to get our tickets, we ended up having to take the couple that let us cut in line to the Argentina-Nigeria game. (Mind you, we haven’t even dropped our been to the place we’re staying yet and we’ve been on the ground for nearly six four hours.)
*Finally, around 3, we get to the house we’re staying at…but no keys.

Okay, you get the picture. Not a great start to the Road Trip. Trust me, my heart was in South Africa, but my mind was on an early return trip back to my bed in Washington Heights. Eventually, things turned around. The husband of the woman we’re renting this home from (pictures to come) is heaven sent. He has been extraordinary. He literally got us to the game in fifteen minutes, just in time for the start of the Argentina-Nigeria match. And what a game it was. 1-0 Argentina!

Anyway, the day finished better than it started. We jumped around with some Argentinians after the game, ate some nice seafood, and watched the England-USA match. (Bullsh*t game by the way. England will never win with Lampard playing in front of Gerard. Just my opinion, for those who know what the hell I’m talking about.)

Day 2 up next…

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