By Jego Armstrong

Sunday, June 13 — After getting some much-needed sleep – I’d say an average of 10 for each of us, although I broke the 13 hour sleep barrier for the first time since my junior year in high school – we were off for a day trip through Joburg. (That video and pictures coming shortly as well. Internet service is a premium here.)

First we went to Soccer City, which is literally just a short walk from the house. Our friend David gave us a brief history lesson on the stadium while we were there. (You can see that video just to your right.) Then we jetted off to Sandton – the financial capital of Joburg. From there we went to the Sandton Mall, and underneath the Sandton Mall, was the Nelson Mandela Square shopping Center. Beautiful place.

After the mall, we went to the Mary Elizabeth Fan Park to watch the Ghana-Serbia game. Electric would be an understatement. The place was rabid with excitement and passion. We interviewed a couple of fans from all over the globe, and got a taste of South African dance and song. (Video also just to the left. Awesome!)

Obvious to say that Day 3 was leaps and bounds above Day 1. Day 3 should be even better. Denmark-Holland. Need I say more.

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