David Carr has a rundown on NYT of the South by Southwest Interactive Festival and comments that remarkably Twitter only broke into the scene two years ago: “(Twitter) is now the event’s dominant platform, seeming to overtake actual conversation. Why talk when you can tweet?”

People did have to talk to one another face to face however given the virtual collapse of the AT&T network due to the high volume of iPhones. The Christian Sciene Monitor reports on the debacle of 10,000 iPhones in a two-mile radius. Those who could get service certainly tweeted their displeasure about the lack of service. AT&T issued an apology for the “unprecedented” failure.

A panelist was handed a hand-written note during a session and said, “We just received an analog tweet.” It may not be the worst thing in the world for the attendees of the conference to work on their inter-personal skills. They can always tweet later over digital devices with their newly made social contacts.

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